Adolescent Sleep In Crisis: Webinar and Slides

Here is the recording of the talk I gave 4/1/15 with Terra Ziporyn Snider at Yale Grand Rounds. Unfortunately the sound quality is not the best.

Here are our slides:

Terra Adolescent crisis slides

Canapari Adolescent Crisis slides

Also here are some of the critical documents we referenced:

“School Start Times for Adolescents”, by the Adolescent Sleep Working Group and Committee on Adolescence, and Council School Health Examining the Impact of Later High School Start Times on the Health and Academic Performance of High School Students: A Multi-Site Study

“Insufficient Sleep in Adolescents and Young Adults: An Update on Causes and Consequences” by Judith Owens.

Change School Start Time Report Fairfax

Let me know if any of this is helpful, and if you want more information.

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